Our Services

Offering solutions to help fulfill today's business needs.

Media and Marketing Solutions
Social Media
Social media is a quickly evolving field, and the students working with Bloom are actively involved in this domain; it is our natural environment. Thus, we are qualified and equipped to help you stay connected online. You’ll enjoy our expertise on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, LinkedIn, and many others.
Creative Bilingual Copy
Because Bloom is composed of students from Québec’s only English CÉGEP east of Sherbrooke, we provide matchless writing services in both English and French. Our highly diversified team and youthful approach make us the ideal auxiliary for your slogans, tag lines, and creative copies for ads, blogs, websites, etc.
Event Planning
Take advantage of our many resources, namely our new amphitheatre, as well as our eager and dedicated students and experienced mentors. Come to us for anything: your conferences, job fairs, kiosks, product showcasings, etc. Along with providing exceptional tools and services, we also have the required expertise to plan a successful event that reaches a variety of audiences, either on or off campus!
Creative Development
Did you know that some of Mozart’s and the Beatles’ best work was created between the ages of 17 and 20? The youth have an important role in the determination of future trends, and this phenomenon is reflected in our creative approach. Enjoy access to the artistic genius of St. Lawrence’s What the Heck band members, the Theatre Troupe cast, the Improv team, as well as many other talented individuals for your advertising or event needs. Just unleash that creativity with your projects!​
Strategic Development
If your target audience includes students of all ages, who can do a better job at helping you reach them than fellow students? For any other audience, Bloom is proud to be mentored by Jean-François Larouche, founder of Larouche Marketing Communication; Daphné Laliberté, social marketing specialist; and Paul Bleau, a St. Lawrence professor who has over 30 years of experience in marketing communications.
Technical Accounting Services
Bilingual Technical Accounting
You can hire St. Lawrence students to help your business with technical accounting for 8 hours a week. The students are efficient in both languages thanks to their specific program of study.
BDO Certified Students
The students you will be able to hire are exemplary PW Sims business students that will have completed specific training given by BDO employees. This training will cover every major aspect of accounting.
Experienced Students
The PW Sims program is designed to ensure that the students are fully ready to enter the workforce. The students in Bloom have learned to navigate the Office Suite masterfully and are trained to work with important accounting software such as Acomba and Sage 50.
Services for Individuals
Tax Returns Services
After having acquired the BDO certification, St. Lawrence students are able to prepare income tax. This is an affordable way to have your tax returns done whilst encouraging the leaders of tomorrow.