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Our Services

Offering solutions to help fulfill today's business needs.

French & English Copywriting
Public Communications
  • Our students’ remarkable ease with both English and French writing makes us the ideal auxiliary for your copywriting demands. 

  • Our students can create attractive websites for all of your business needs 

  • Our team can write press releases, both in French and in English.

  • Our ease with both languages also allows us to offer translation services. 

Social Media Marketing
Multimedia Content Creation
  • Since social media trends are mainly dictated by today’s youth, who can do a better job at navigating them than CEGEP students?

  • We can set up promotional campaigns.

  • We can create both the visual and the written aspect of a social media post.

  • We offer high-quality photography and videography services for events.

Strategic Development Consulting
  • We help our clients redirect their efforts to reach a business-oriented goals by providing them quality advice.

  • We can provide our clients with communication plans, which allow an efficient allocation of time and resources in prevision of a specific event.

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