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About Us

Bloom is a student-run marketing and communications agency that aims at helping clients optimize their social media presence. Since 2017, Bloom’s expertise has developed towards offering French and English copywriting, social media marketing, multimedia content creation, and strategic development consulting. Bloom represents an opportunity for CEGEP St. Lawrence students to apply the knowledge they have acquired in class to real-life situations. The agency’s operations are supervised by St. Lawrence teachers, whose role is to ensure a quality of services that reflects Bloom’s reputation.

Our Contributors

Bloom is very grateful for its outside mentors, which include Jean-François Larouche of Larouche Marketing Communication, Daphné Laliberté, our social marketing specialist and Guylaine Lacerte of the Lacerte GCL law firm. Such collaborations were made possible by Québec’s Ministry of Higher Education, through the contributions of the Canada-Québec Agreement on Minority-Language Education and Second-Language Instruction.

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